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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When boy cry..

When boy cry...its not wrong becoz they are human,
got feeling too

When boy cry...its not that they're being childish,
but it shows that they're matured becoz boy didn't 
cry just for a simple matter

When boy cry...its really cute becoz we only know them as a tough person
but when it come to their feeling,they can be as weak as women

When boy cry...its not that they are weak,but they only wanted
to share the feeling with their love one
that they are really in pain


When boy cry...i'm speechless

aku merapu time Muet...
sempat lagii aku buat jiwang,aisehhh!!
aku xprnah tengok boy nangis untuk lover dya..nk tengok!!?.

♥ With love by Nazeyra ♥

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