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Thursday, June 2, 2011

i'm 19th..oh,no! Big enough..

Yeahhh..its my birthday.I loiikkkeeee.

Can I wish sumthing??But not sumthing,everything!!What a demand!Well,this is my day,my way.And i'm just wishing sumthing but not really hope its' gonna be true.On my last birthday nina sent me a cutezz bear.Ohw,really appreciate it.

but for this time i want a 'pocoyo'..

but i dont wanna this open mouth creature..

and a birthday cake just like this

or like this
owh,what kind of cake!!

or just like this,even if it's only a cake,i dont mine at all

Can I??
Who gonna make this come true..hukhukhuk.Anyway,i'm now waiting for the first person who gonna wish me a 'happy besday'....and its Patricia!

Thank you to all my frenzz who give me the best wishes ever.Luve u all.And i wish i could survive amazingly in my study,reationship n everything for this year and forever.

Thankzz for reading...=>

♥ With love by Nazeyra ♥

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